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About B2 Architecture + Design

You can learn a lot about a person by where they choose to work, nest and rest. We know people want spaces that reflect their locale and lifestyle yet offer something they haven’t seen elsewhere. At B2 Architecture + Design, we design with choice in mind – because your space should tell your story, not your designer’s. For over a decade, we’ve collaborated with clients to help shape the stories they want to tell through built space. With our commitment to great design and world-class service, we’ve created more than 50 unique spaces in Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Washington and California —and had tons of fun along the way.

From the very first meeting to the final installation, we love what we do – and we’re told it shows in our work. After all, creating enjoyable living spaces takes a team of pros who truly enjoy the process. We don’t believe in cookie cutter developments or one-size-fits-all approaches to design and architecture. Partner with B2 Architecture + Design, and the result will be an uncommon new space that offers a one-of-a-kind living experience.


B. Allison Brooks, AIA
Founder, Owner, Architect, Designer

A true exemplar of Texas’ enterprising spirit, Allison is an entrepreneur, a businesswoman, a visionary architect and designer in her own right. Allison’s discerning style and magnetic disposition are key to B2’s success. 

Her passion for keeping her team challenged and fulfilled in equal measure leads to frequent adventures (think neighborhood bike ride or all-team spin class) and spontaneous outings (think fabulous hotels, eateries or other local favorites). As the company’s captain and fearless leader, her treasured team would follow her into fire and back, or at least down a long stretch of the Trinity Trail in heels in high summer as long as her beloved dog Birdie is in tow.

Allison graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Architecture. She honed her skills in the Chicago area at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and A. Epstein & Sons and Good, Fulton & Farrell Architects in Dallas where she met many developers who still bear the dual distinction of friend and client.

In 2007, Allison founded B2 Architecture + Design. A life-long learner and teacher, Allison serves as mentor for The Real Estate Council, although she’ll tell you she learns just as much as she teaches from this experience. Let’s add something about the Hockaday Real Estate group here.

When not in the office, Allison enjoys the great outdoors … well, from a patio somewhere in Oak Cliff or Palm Springs or Berlin with a martini in hand.



Chloe Guernsey, AIA
Senior Design Lead/Project Architect

Chloe, aka Employee Number 1, has been with B2 since its auspicious beginnings (at a dining room table in a duplex). According to Allison, Chloe remains central to the firm’s ongoing success. When it comes to her design sensibility, Chloe’s range and versatility make her a true chameleon. Her flexible aesthetic and devotion to detail has allowed her to bring her clients’ distinct vision to life. 

After graduating from Drexel University with a Bachelor of Architecture, Chloe first made a name for herself as a designer and architect in diverse markets including Philadelphia and Dayton before moving to Dallas. From day one, Chloe’s contributions have been instrumental to B2’s successful growth. 

An avid hockey fan and sometimes player, Chloe spends quality time outside the office either with her family or explaining “the power play” to yet another native Texan trying to follow a Stars game. 


Teddy Devlin
Project Coordinator 

Before finding her calling in interiors, Teddy spent summers taking fashion design and marketing classes at F.I.T. in New York.  Eventually, she discovered her true passion in interior design, and it’s a good thing for us, too. A native New Yorker, Teddy grew up the oldest of five sisters, so she’s right at home at B2 amidst the company of other stellar women. Teddy relocated to Dallas in 2013, and while she loves living in Texas, don’t ask her to choose the Stars and over the New York (TEAM NAME?).  And don’t expect anybody else in the office to follow her conversations with Chloe during NHL playoff season. 

Teddy is currently pursuing a degree in Fine Art and Interior Design at the Art Institute of Dallas. Prior to joining B2, Teddy worked as a design assistant to Dallas-based designer, Tracy Hardenberg. Like her creative colleagues, Teddy is always on the hunt for great places that may spark creative genius. 


Diana Bloom
Project Coordinator, Designer

Diana’s approach to design makes her a perfect fit for B2. Rather than simply designing spaces for people, Diana endeavors to craft experiences for them. With broad design concepts and detailed drawings, Diana uses design as a language to tell a different story with every project.   

After graduating from Kansas State University with a Master of Interior Architecture and Product Design, she developed her skills at multiple design firms in the Dallas area before joining B2.

Part storyteller, part interior design guru, Diana is able to solve just about any design challenge – as long as there’s coffee. When she’s not in the office, she’s likely stoking creative sparks with a combination of crafting, cooking, crosswording and yes, more coffee. 



Whitney Prescia 
Senior Project Coordinator 

A Colorado native and now a proud Texan at heart, Whitney is a constant traveler and self-starter. At the tender age of 17, she started her own cleaning service and managed everything from new business, to bookkeeping to detailing the floorboards. Her relationship to detailing interiors evolved as she traveled abroad and lived in London where she worked as a designer.

Whitney’s skillset and experience lies primarily in multi-family and high-end residential units, though she’s happy designing everything and anything. Her sensibility and passion for design is informed by her love of travel, adventure and discovery. 

Whitney rarely sits still for long. In her free time she’s likely sdigging for treasure at local vintage shops or exploring new territory with her dog, Ace. On occasion, you might find her at {local brewery} appreciating the beer along with the interiors, and relishing the fact that someone else keeps them clean.